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I love books. I love to read and to be surrounded by books; they are my friends. My family think I am nuts, but I know YOU will understand.


When I completed my first book, Angel with Drumsticks, I went through the tedious and time-consuming process of submissions to publishers, reviewers and agents; then the long wait to see if anyone was interested. So, as an Indie author myself, I understand the struggle new authors go through to gain recognition for their work. I've been very lucky and had some wonderful reviews.


If I can help others by reviewing their books I am happy to. There are many Indie authors needing support, and encouragement and too few reviewers. I discovered how quickly the reading list can grow and encourage anyone who enjoys reading to support these new authors. You will find, as I have, there are some great reads out there!


Please read my Review Policy before submitting your book for review.


By the way, I would still be happy to send any of my books for reviews and very happy to do reciprocal reviews with other authors.


I write, blog and review under my maiden name Pamela King.


What I read


In addition to being fond of non-fiction, I love a good who-dun-it. The other genres I will consider are included in my Review Policy.


Don't let the list put you off sending me information about your book. My own books, that are, of course, fascinating reads, would not fit my own criteria.


For that reason, it is up to you convince me I should read and review your book but please note the list of genres I definitely will not accept.


If the synopsis of your book interests me I will happily review it subject to time limitations. I currently have at least a three month backlog.


I will notify the author when I am about to begin a book then contact them again when I am about 30% into it. If at this time if I feel it does not suit my taste or it is flawed in some way I will not continue. If it is not my style of book I will not write a review. I believe it is unfair to the author when it may simply come down to personal taste. If it is flawed in some way (lack of proof reading, poor continuity of story line etc) I will advise the author in case they would like to consider a re-write. Again, I won’t write a review to give the author an opportunity to correct the problems.


I will also try to keep you informed how I am progressing with the read. (I know what it is like to sit and wait for someone to come back to you).


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